Compensation Plan Marketplace provides members with four income earning opportunities and a unique property investment opportunity. The basic compensation plans are explained in the following two sub-categories below:

PROPERTY SALES EARNING COMMISSIONS Real Estate marketplace offers opportunity for members to engage in affiliate marketing of properties from numerous real estate companies and partners in Nigeria. However, with our Property compensation plan, our members stand to benefit more from the collective efforts of our community members than from an individual capacity. Our members have the opportunity to advertise all properties on the marketplace through their various marketing channels. The following are the property sales commissions plan.


You would receive a 60% of the Property Sales Commissions earned by on any property sales made by you in the marketplace.


You would receive a 20% of the Property Sales Commission earned by on any property sold by a member of your Direct Network Community in the Marketplace.

REFERRAL MARKETING COMMISSIONS referral system offers a two linear commission earning plan. With this compensation plan, it requires a member to introduce others to benefit from our real estate referral system. The ONLY requirement is a One-off membership activation fee of N3,000.00 for each new member. Each member is entitled to a marketing reward based on every referral earned and property sales. Once a member refers a new member, he is building a Direct Network community of members and will qualify for commission on the trading Market. When a member’s Direct Network community of members in turn refers other new members, they form a Sub-Network community. You will qualify for a Sub-Network commission. This process is called “Build your Bank” principle. The referral commission plan is explained below:

3.   Direct Network Commission (DNC):

You are automatically an affiliate member when your account is approved upon your registration. As an affiliate member, you have the opportunity to build a Direct Network Community (DNC) of members through a referral system. You earn a commission of 40% per referral of anyone who registers and join through your referral link and get approved. This translates to your earning an instant 40% of N3,000.00 = N1,200.00 naira commission when anyone successfully register on community through your referral link and get approved. This amount is credited to your wallet account. The more people you refer to join Business Opportunity, the more 40% commission earning you receive. (for example, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantages of market daily, you will be earning N12,000.00 Naira (DNC) daily)

4.   SUB-Network Commission (SNC):

When a member of your Direct Network community refers a new member through their referral link and it is approved on the, you will automatically earn a 10% Sub-Network commission. This means you will be earning instant 10% of N3,000.00 = N300.00 naira commission from each of your Direct Network members community who successfully refers a new members that registers and join market through their referral link. The more people your Direct Network Community members refer others to join market, the more 10% commission earning you receive. *(for example, if you have attained a 100 member community on your Direct Network and each of your Direct Network members refers at least 1 person to take advantages of business opportunity daily, you will be earning N30,000.00 (SNC) daily.) The referral marketing commission is explained below:

1st level Direct-Network 40% Wallet Account
2nd level Sub-Network 10% Wallet Account

This compensation plan will allow all members to earn from their Direct Network Community and Sub-Network Community commissions.


Earning opportunities from marketplace is not limited to the above mentioned areas, as a member, you can buy, hold and trade property asset investments and benefit from it appreciative value over a specific period of time. The rate of property investment appreciation is specific from property to property on the marketplace.

So once you register an account by making your membership payment, you will need to edit your profile and provide your bank account details and start funding your account for asset investments and trading activities. You could be making unlimited daily income when you are serious in building your own community in real estate marketplace investment activities (see terms and condition).


This Compensation Plan is not a 100 meters dash race, but has been designed as a bridge to wealth creation for all individuals who will be consistent in banking in the real estate industry and committed to the success of others to achieve their goals. If you focus on building your community of real estate entrepreneurs, then you will see the legacy you would leave for your children in the real estate industry.