How It Works

“Earning Unlimited Income in the Nigerian Real Estate Industry legitimately into your Nigeria bank account with by Simply introducing properties into our market, investing in property assets, and referring others to benefit from the real estate industry.”

HOW IT WORKS Business Opportunity is an initiative designed for all individuals to build a community of members who are determined to take advantage of the immense benefits existing in the real estate industry. Business Opportunity empower all Nigerians and whoever that wish to earn unlimited income in the real estate industry.

Our trading market is founded on three principles namely; Introduce, Invest and Refer.


Our market provides the opportunity for everyone who has properties or that of others to sell through our property market.


Our market provides pre-documented properties for investor’s choice. For those who could not afford outright purchase of a property, we have property investments in share units for everyone to still hold real estate assets investment. This means that everyone can buy into property investments and hold ownership stakes in the property bought for a specified period of time after which the property asset would be sold for co-owners to receive the return on their investments. This opportunity enables one to invest in highly appreciative properties assets that one may not be able to afford on their own.


Our market provides a referral system for you to help others to benefits from the real estate industry.


Anyone with daily expenses can take part in Business Opportunity. It is an equal opportunity open for all Nigerians, e.g. Students, Fresh Graduates, Unemployed Graduates, Employees, Workers, Job Seekers, Property Agent, Property Developers and Investors, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online in the Nigerian Real Estate Industry. Take advantage of business opportunity and help your family, relatives, neighbours, friends, online social cycles like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and phone contacts to help everyone engage in real estate investments and earn unlimited income in the real estate industry.

If you are a student or anyone mentioned in the groups above, getting started with real estate market is a great decision as you become an affiliate because there are lot of people like you are in need of real estate asset investments to secure their future. Entry fee is very affordable for anyone. The economy has changed a lot and the property asset investment is the future. Employers are hiring less full time employees and more part timers so they don’t have to pay benefits. Becoming an affiliate and getting involved with real estate earning opportunities online is the best option for you. As a member and an online real estate business owner, you can help others and yourself instead of relying on the uncertainty of working for someone else.

Keep in mind though that you must have an entrepreneurial spirit and positive mind-set. Our member community and online real estate business are not for everyone. But, if you like the idea of securing your from financial freedom, working and making money in the comfort of your home or wherever you are, owning your own real estate business and growing your business at your own pace, then is a good starting point and a great choice for you.


As a Member, you have 4 options to earn unlimited income to your bank account beside your personal real estate investments on trading market. (See Compensation Plan)

HOW GENUINE AND WHO IS BEHIND THIS PROJECT real estate business opportunity is a financial solution to all Nigerians to become real estate investors using it “Build Your Bank Principle” (BYBP). It is not a quick rich scheme. is managed by Questbridge Integrated Nig Limited, A professional real estate company registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (RC 876186).


We believe that banking in real estate investments assets would alleviate the economic challenges many Nigerians face today and build real wealth for their future generation. Property investments would satisfy and exceed the expectations and objectives of saving money in traditional banks which is adversely affected by inflation.

When we look around, we see people with potentials, we see an inherent desire for a better life, but we find many failing to find their path to success. So it is time to be where you were meant to be, is here to get you there.


Becoming a member offers you the unique opportunity of belonging to the largest consortium of business minded individuals who are eager to invest specifically in the real estate sector through access to trading market. Below are some of the few benefits of to its members.

  • With us, you earn an unlimited income from marketing and investments in property assets and sales commissions.
  • With us, you have the opportunity to sponsor property application proposals for evaluation.
  • With us, you access a unique referral system to build bridges to real wealth and actualize your financial freedom.
  • With us, you don’t have to spend time and energy looking for a buyer of your property; we are here to take that stress off from you.
  • With us, you have the opportunity to invest in collective owned real estate investments opportunities on the platform.
  • With us, you no longer need huge capital to buy or sell properties investments in Nigeria. You can invest as little as you can afford and still enjoy the immense asset appreciation growth real estate investment offers.
  • With us, you can buy or sell property in Nigeria from any part of the world.
  • With us, you no longer need to go through the tortuous journey of property documentation process. Our platform have done first level documentation for you, all you do is just re-confirmations and property visitations for personal satisfaction.
  • With us, you no longer have to process approval from relevant government agencies responsible for such approvals, that we have taken the burden from you on your co-owned assets investment.
  • With us, you only deal with documented landed properties with government approved ownership.
  • With us, you instantly know the worth/value of your property investment at any time.
  • With us, you can sell your investment within the platform with little effort as the push of a button with your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • With us, all you need to do is invest, sit back and watch your grow to maturity.
  • With us, you have the opportunity to collectively increase your asset portfolios in multiple real estate properties which only were previously privy to corporate institutions and high net-worth investors.
  • With us, you have one of the best and most secured market platforms to buy real estate properties.

OUR MARKET brings the world of real estate investment directly to all individuals in Nigeria and around the world. This enable our members diversify their property investment portfolios in various real estate investments available. Members can also buy or sell their property investment on the trading platform.

We have taken one huge step further in breaking the barrier of the huge capital required in real estate investments by offering more than the traditional individual property investment opportunity. We have developed a unique collective property shares per unit asset investment opportunity for all members to participate in collectively owning (co-own) real estate property assets as investments. This enables all members regardless of individual funding capacity to co-owned property assets on our trading market.

Our trading market offers a convenient and effective way for all individuals to become property owners in Nigeria. All members have access to their back office trading platform and personal accounts 24 hours a day for up-to-date property investments available on the market. Members can buy, hold or sell real estate assets investments from any location worldwide through their internet accessed device. This will enable them carryout asset investment trading activities real-time anywhere and anytime. Our trading market would connect people with property investment opportunities than anyone else.


  • Minimum amount of investment funding
  • Individual Property Portfolio
  • Co-owned Asset Investment Portfolio
  • Diversified Investment Portfolio
  • Returns on Investments


There are two Classes of asset investments process available on

The Class A: This is a property investment that can be bought exclusively by a member on the platform. Class A property asset investments occur when an investor verifies the documents of an advertised property and makes purchase of the property. The buyer takes full ownership and possession of all title documents of such property from the market completely. This transaction is between members on the trading market and is not a party to the trade. serves a Universal Property Agent (UPA) between the buyer and seller to ensure that transactions are successful.

The Class B: This is an investment Class in which the members subscribe to buy a part share of an advertised property on the trading platform. The members co-acquire such property assets on the platform and collectively co-owned such investment in share units of the value of such Property. There is no exclusive ownership right to co-owned property investments. serves as the property administrator responsible in holding, developing, maintaining and selling of all co-owned assets property upon maturity.

Co-owners of a property investment are entitled to the percentage share interest purchased in the property investment and the title documents are held in trust on behalf of the co-owners by These class B investments are held as long term assets for a period of 5years by the platform on behalf of the co-investors. This investment asset (property) collectively owned would appreciate based on the rate of appreciation stated on the property detail for all investors to know the current appreciation on their investment at any time. Any unit shares of investment bought by any member can be resold or traded at any time on property in the trading market.

A member can buy or sell any co-owned asset investment on the trading platform before the maturity period. At maturity, asset investments are automatically offered for sale to the on the trading platform. Upon the sales of such asset, the income generated is paid to co-owners based on the ratio of property share units held by each co-owner and their accounts are credited accordingly.


  1. Property application submitted by members
  2. Examination of the proposal by Asset Appraisal Committee
  3. Due diligence and pre-documentation process. i.e review of investment policy, asset titles, financials, legal status, property condition and location.
  4. Terms and conditions acknowledgement
  5. Approval granted
  6. Placement of property asset on the market


Capital Appreciation

Investments in real estate are known to provide sustainable appreciation over a period of time and hedge against inflation.


Our Property investments is designed to encourage members to save money through the buying of real estate investments solely or collectively as a Co-owners and hold such investment for future appreciation gains.

Returns on Investment

Our market is exclusively property investments opportunities. The return on investments comes from the asset appreciation based on the specified rate over a period of time as stated in the property detail.

Yield Ability

Property investments on the platform are well-evaluated to ensure that it returns high appreciation yields on a sustainable basis to members upon being sold, taking due analyses and risk factors that may adversely affect such property investments.


Investments in real estate assets are secured by a first lien position on the properties.


Real estate investments must meet our prescribed evaluation standards for assets in order to remain desirable in the market, appreciate in value and generate income to all stakeholders.


Property Title documents required for application purposes include all the documents related to the specific property sponsored. These include the following:

  1. Survey plan
  2. Excision
  3. Gazette
  4. Certificate of Occupancy
  5. Deed of Assignment
  6. Governor Consent
  7. Receipts

Additional related documents or reports required:

  1. Court affidavit for non-encumbrance.
  2. Survey plan search report from land registry.
  3. Other related documents.


To join our member community, you need to purchase your membership with a token amount of N2,800.00 Naira only (one time payment). Your application will only get approved when you have successfully made your payment. So make sure you have your N2,800.00 Naira ready before you proceed to registration.

NOTE: We have only 3 payment options available which include using Paystack online payment with either your debit card for instant approval without delay. We have bank transfer payment method to our official cooperate account however; deposit approval is subject to of verification and confirmation. We recommend making payment online with your debit card. If you proceed with online payment via Paystack, your activation will be instant upon successful payment.



The most basic criteria of joining are that a member must be above 18 years of age and must be of good character and sound mind.


Visit, sign-up by providing basic information such as your name, email address, username and making your membership payments. Then you can login to update your account details.


Proceed to make the one time membership fee of N2,800.00. This payment is made for your membership package.


Upon verification, your membership will be approved and you will receive a welcome email.


Once your account gets approved, you are welcome to the community and also an affiliate. The first thing is to edit your profile, including your social handle username or profile link, providing your bank account details from payment Setting. The next thing is to start funding your account for property investments activities. You can also start introducing properties for evaluation and approval on the market. Tell others about your earning opportunities to grow your earnings. It is simple and you will enjoy doing this in your free time and in comfort from anywhere you are using your mobile phone.

“What are you waiting for? Start earning unlimited income today from the real estate industry. is enabling thousands of people across the country to dream again because they are earning a living they never thought possible. Everyone needs real estate assets, why not benefit? And best of all you’ll be helping others to achieve their financial freedom too.”

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