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Who we are

We are an online real estate market designed as the gateway for all individuals to engage in real estate investments in Nigeria irrespective of an individual financial capacity. Our trading platform is the central marketplace for all individuals to become investors, real estate developers, property agents, buyers and sellers in the Nigerian real estate industry. Our Business Opportunity is aimed to create the largest real estate community in Nigeria. community desire more than a real estate, we goes beyond property trading and investment opportunities. Our vision is inspired by the desire to revolutionize the real estate industry forever. We provide an all-encompassing business model, breaking old barriers and nurturing new business frontiers in the real estate industry.

When we look around, we see millions of people with potentials; we see an inherent desire in everyone for a better life but sadly, we see many failing to find their path to success. So it is time to be where you were meant to be, is here to get you there.


To provide the gateway for all individuals to benefit from the real estate industry.


Our vision is to enhance intellects, enrich lives and actualize dreams through the real estate industry.


We believe that banking in real estate investments would alleviate the economic challenges many face today and build real wealth for their future generation. Property investments would satisfy and exceed the expectations and objectives of saving money in traditional banks which is adversely affected by inflation. is managed by Questbridge Integrated Nig Limited, a professional real estate company founded in 2010 and registered in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (RC 876186) to carry on business in real estate property development and management.

Our address:

Questbridge Integrated Nig Limited,

Suite 13, Ucak Plaza, Eleseko, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State.