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What Is is a real estate property market designed as the gateway for all individuals to engage in the real estate industry in Nigeria through our market platform and benefits from the real estate industry. To achieve this goal, we created a referral system that pays all Nigerians who desire to own property investments and wishes to help others succeed through the real estate industry. Our trading market serves as a converging point for all individuals; property agents, property owners, developers, and investors which would create the largest real estate community in Nigeria.

What Is The Main Aim of

Our aim is to provide all Nigerians the opportunity to engage in the real estate industry and enjoy the enormous benefits of property investments in the industry in Nigeria. Having noted how challenging real estate investments can be in Nigeria in terms of huge capital requirements and obscure property documentation processes, market meet these challenges and make real estate investments very secure, simple and easily accessible to all irrespective of one’s financial capacity.

Is A Bank or Financial Institution?

No. is not a Bank or a Non-Banking Financial institution, and does not represent or warrant that it seeks to or is capable of providing services for banking and allied activities. You need to have an existing account with an institution capable of providing banking services in order to access the service.

Who Can Join

The most basic criteria of joining are that members must be 18 years of age or above and must be of good character and sound mind.

How Do I Register or Create A Account?

You can register by using the link of the person who referred you or if you are not referred by anyone, visit, sign-up and register. It is easy. To open an account, follow the steps below:

  • On the Home Page, click on the sign up button.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to agree.
  • Enter your details and click on the sign up button.
  • Make your membership payment of N2,800.00
  • After successful registration, login with your email and password, then edit your profile and account details.

How Can I Refer Someone To Join

You can login to your account, go to your profile and copy your referral link, then share the link with the interested person or social platform.

What Is a Deposit? deposit is the payment made by a member for investment purposes after sign up on real estate market community.

What Payment Do I Need To Make To Become A Member?

To become a member of community, you need to make a one-time payment of the sum of N2,800.00. This membership grants you access to our investment and trading opportunities.

Can I Have Multiple Accounts?

No. You are authorised to open only one account on the platform. You profile information, bank account details and transactions are linked to your account.

How Will I Get Paid To My Bank Account And What Is The Minimum Payout?

Your withdrawal request made on takes three working days to process. However, most Withdrawal request takes less than three business days to process. Once processed, you receive a credit of the amount requested to your bank account held with my You go to the portal and make request for withdrawal from your wallet account balance. Minimum withdrawal balance is N1,000.00.

Do I Get Interest On My Property Investments?

The is a non interest real estate market platform that offers you both individual and collective property Asset investment opportunities. As such, you benefit from the property investments appreciation over the specific period of time you purchased the investment. Your asset investment grows with a percentage increase monthly and which can be sold on the trading market. There is no interest payments made on asset investments on the platform.

What Are The Benefits For Registering On The Market?

Below are some of the few benefits of Market to its members.

  • With us, you earn an unlimited income from marketing and investments in property assets and sales commissions.
  • With us, you have the opportunity to sponsor property application proposals for evaluation.
  • With us, you access a unique referral system to build bridges to real wealth and actualize your financial freedom.
  • With us, you don’t have to spend time and energy looking for a buyer of your property; we are here to take that stress off from you.
  • With us, you have the opportunity to invest in collective owned real estate investments opportunities on the platform.
  • With us, you no longer need huge capital to buy or sell properties investments in Nigeria. You can invest as little as you can afford and still enjoy the immense asset appreciation growth real estate investment offers.
  • With us, you can buy or sell property in Nigeria from any part of the world.
  • With us, you no longer need to go through the tortuous journey of property documentation. Our platform has done pre-documentation for you; all you do is just re-confirmations and property visitations for personal satisfaction.
  • With us, you no longer have to process approval from relevant government agencies responsible for such approvals, that we have taken the burden from you on all co-owned assets investment.
  • With us, you only deal with documented landed properties with government approved ownership.
  • With us, you instantly know the net worth of your property investment at any time.
  • With us, you can sell your investment within the platform with little effort as the push of a button with your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • With us, all you need to do is invest, sit back and watch your asset investment grow to maturity.
  • With us, you have the opportunity to collectively increase your asset portfolios in multiple real estate properties which only were previously privy to corporate institutions and high net-worth investors.
  • With us, you have one of the best and most secured market platforms to buy real estate properties.

What Is Account?

This is the unique online wallet account created for each Member to fund for transactions purposes upon signing up on the platform.

Who Is A Property Co-Owner?

A Co-owner is a member who subscribes in the collective purchase of real estate asset investments and own such property collectively with other members on the trading market. Co-owner holds a percentage units share of such property asset investment on the platform.

Can A Co-Own Property Investments Be Sold?

Yes. A Co-owner of a property investment can choose to sell his/her assets at any time before the maturity date as stated in the asset investment details on the trading market.

Can I Sell My Asset Investment Base On My Choice Price?

No. Asset investments value and prices are automatically stated based on the real value of the property and its appreciation rate which are linked to the property history in the trading market.

What Is Effective Date Of Co-Owned Property Investment?

The Effective Date of Co-Owned Property Asset investment purchased is the date state on the property investment detail. At this date, the total fund required for the purchase of the property asset is realised completely on the platform and not the date of an individual subscription of its own share units of the property asset.

What Is Property Investment Subscription Period?

This is the period that all members are offered the opportunity to subscribe for a property investment on the trading market.This is the period that all members are offered the opportunity to subscribe for a property investment on the trading market.

What Is Uncompleted Property Asset Purchase?

This is a property asset investment that was not completely subscribed by members in the trading platform over a reasonable period of time as stated on the specific property. The trading system will automatically reverse such subscription and refund all subscribers funds into their individual account.

What Is Property Visitation Report?

This is an evaluation report a member is required to provide on any property visited. The visitation reports must be made on the property on each occasion before any member concludes a property purchase transaction on the platform.

What Is The Responsibility Of A Property Sponsor?

As a property sponsor will be available for all enquiries and visitation appointments requested by members interested in buying of your sponsored property.

What Is The Maturity Period Of An Investment?

Maturity period is the duration that a property collectively held by members in the trading platform for the benefits of asset appreciation of the property. Maturity period applies to only Co-owned property assets.

What Return Can I Anticipate On My Real Estate Investment?

The return in investment upon maturity of an asset investment is specifically stated on the asset investment details. Investments on real estate are mostly intended for long term investors who value the appreciative nature of the property asset.

How Does Determine The Price Of Property Investments?

At trading market, the rate of real estate asset appreciation varies from one property to another. evaluate a property investments based on its locations, developments, title and other specific factors of the property.

How Many Property Investments Can I Invest In?

You can invest in as many properties investments opportunities available as you can afford.

How Long Does A Property Investment Take To Be Sold Upon maturity?

We do not determine how long a property asset investment would take to be sold after maturity in the trading market; the duration of sales of investment sales is solely determined by the forces of demand and supply in the trading market.

When Can I Sell My Asset Investments?

You can sell your asset investment at any time before the asset investment maturity date.

What Happens To My Co-owned Asset Investments At Maturity Date?

At maturity date, you relinquish your right of ownership of the asset investments to enable the collective sale of the property investments by your authorized property administrator. The proceeds are remitted to your wallet account upon the sale of the property asset investment.

Can Individuals Outside Nigeria Join or Register As A Member?

Yes, you can register from anywhere in the world. All you need is a Nigerian Bank Account. Our online real estate market have web-based login platform that provides members the convenience of gaining access to their dashboards and personal accounts 24/7 from any location worldwide.

What Returns Do I Get When I Purchase A Real Estate Asset Investment?

The is a real estate trading and investment market. Properties can be bought 100% off by an individual or can be collectively bought in share units by multiple members as co-owners of the asset investment. Co-owned investment asset are bought for the sole purpose of the asset appreciation for the duration of the maturity period upon which it must be resold based on the current value. Asset investors are not paid interests on their investment but rather are part owners of the real estate asset purchased. An investor can sell its investments in the trading market at any time based on the current value of the asset investment.

How Does Profile Real Estate Projects For Investment? strictly follows the screening processes below:

  1. Property application submitted by members
  2. Examination of the proposal by Asset Appraisal Committee
  3. Due diligence and pre-documentation process. i.e review of investment policy, asset titles, financials, legal status, property condition and location.
  4. Terms and conditions acknowledgement
  5. Approval granted
  6. Placement of property asset on the trading market

What Is The Exit Plan For A Member?

As a marketplace platform, a member who wishes to withdraw from the market can sell off its asset investment owned through the trading market if he has any investment and then cancel their membership from the market through request for termination of membership.

How Do I Make Payment Of For Investment Purposes?

You can make payment with your card or make payment into the account details provided below:

Bank Name Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name Questbridge Integrated Nig Limited
Account Number 0430141064

You can also make payment online into our account or through our other payment channels. Please ensure that at the bank you indicate your name and reference number as we have it in our records as the depositor even if you send someone else to the bank or when making a transfer. This will help our internal accounting process.

Who Can I Contact With Further Questions?

You can Contact us at our office at Suite 13, Ucak Plaza, Elesekan, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also send us a mail on